A chat with Marian Bantjes

Today, we scheduled an interview with Marian Bantjes to talk a little bit about her work and experience. Unfortunately, the students weren’t able to make it, so they sent over a few questions and I did my best to ask questions I thought they might be interested in.

First, Marian gave us some of her background: she didn’t go to school for design, but started off when she was nineteen doing typesetting at a book publishing company, where she worked for ten years. She then ran a “little graphic design business” with a friend for nine years, then pivoted toward doing the more art-driven work she’s known for today.

We then chatted a bit about remote work, versus working from home. For Marian, the flexibility makes it really valuable—she can work when she feels productive or inspired, and take a nap when she doesn’t—but the biggest challenge is that her studio takes over the whole house. Then she gave us a remote tour of her light-filled studio space!

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